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Memorial War Tablet Letter 1943



Tel:Amersham 139
The Rectory
Chesham Bois
March 20th 1943

Dear Sir,
I hope you will not be annoyed at receiving a letter from me about a faculty, but I think this letter will explain the urgency of our request.


Our second son died of wounds in Egypt on Nov: 2nd 1942 and we are very anxious to place a small Memorial Tablet to his memory, especially for the following reasons. Hew was very much connected with the church from his early days, and was very fond of it and a keen Churchman hoping to be ordained after the war.


As he died so far away we are never likely to see his grave and would like some tangible memorial to him where we can see it. This would be a great to his mother and myself.


The church council and members of the congregation fully approve and understand our desire


We therefore had a design for a simple tablet prepared by messrd J Wippell & Co. which was approved by the church council, but on sending it to the advisory committee we were informed that though they were prepared to consider the design at their next meeting in May there was no chance of having it erected as the Diocesan Chancellors jhad decided that no memorials should be erected until after the war.


We would like therefore to know if there is any chance of your being able to rescind this decision in this case in regard to the circumstances already mentioned and the fact that I expect to resign this living as soon as possible after war and should therefore not be able to erect the memorial whilst I am Rector here. A memorial in any other church would be without meaning. Otherwise, we should have to try to fund some small gift, e.g. silver vases instead of our plated ones, which would not require a faculty.


We should not ask at all if our son had not been definitely connected with the church, as alas, so few of those who fall in the war, have been.


I have been Rector here nearly twenty years, and my boy was well known and loved by our people, who also desire a Tablet in his memory.


I am sorry to bother you with such a long letter, but I hope you will forgive me.


I am yours faithfully


G Henry Lawrence


GH Guillan Scott
2 Great Peter Street