The Martyr's Memorial


The Martyrs' Memorial is located at Parson's Wood, Amersham at the top of the field rising up from Old Amersham above Tesco supermarket.


The Martyrs' Memorial was raised in 1931 on the site where local Christians were burned at the stake in 1521 in memory of those who died for the freedom of religion in England and the right to publish the Bible for the people in English rather than Latin.


St Leonard's Chesham Bois had a number of connections with these 'Lollards' - supporters of John Wycliffe - during the early Reformation. At one point the Lord of the Manor of Chesham Bois, Sir Thomas Cheyne, was imprisoned in the Tower of London.


The Lollard Bible, Wycliffe Bible, translation from Latin into English.


The work of present day Wycliffe Bible Translators.


Two hundred years later the church was to play a very important part in the Evangelical Revival of Wesley and Whitfield through the ministry of its Rector, the Rev Thomas Clarke.