Faculty Petition 17-2-1920


Petition Transcript
17th January 1920

PARISH OF Chesham Bois, Bucks.


Edward William Hansell, Esquire, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, Vicar General, Official Principal and Commissary, lawfully constituted of THE RIGHT REVEREND FATHER IN GOD, HUBERT MURRAY, by Divine Permission, LORD BISHOP OF OXFORD, To the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Oxford, Sendeth Greeting:


Whereas a Petition has been presented to Us by the Incumbent and Churchwardens of the above Parish, praying that a Faculty may be granted authorising them to erect an Organ in the Organ Chamber, and to place a tablet on the South wall of the Nave in memory of Parishioners killed in the War, and in accordance with the design of Mess: Martyn of Cheltenham, as approved by the Parishioners in Vestry at a Meeting held on the 22nd of April last, the cost of the work to be defrayed by Public Subscriptions.


Now therefore We the Vicar-General, Official Principal and Commissary of the Lord Bishop aforesaid, being desirous that all persons, having any legal interest in the premises, should have due notice of the said Petition, Do Hereby require that these presents may be published at the Church of Chesham Bois aforesaid, and that all persons, legally interested, and having any Objections to make against Our granting a Faculty in accordance with the prayer of the said Petition, ddo enter or cause to be entered an appearance in a Book kept for the purpose at the DIOCESAN REGISTRY, NO 10, NEW ROAD, OXFORD, and deliver or cause to be delivered at the Registry a statement in writing of such Objections before Saturday, the seventh day of February next or do shew cause before the said day why a Faculty should not be granted by Our Authority agreeably to the said Petition: And We do hereby give Notice that in default of any such Objections being delivered, or any due cause being shewn, within the said appointed time, against the issuing of Our Faculty, We will proceed to grant Our Faculty for the purposes in the said Petition mentioned.


Given at Oxford under our Seal of Office, this seventeenth day of January one thousand none hundred and twenty

Registrar of the Diocese of Oxford