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No 2, Tenor, Treble

Viewed as East is Left

Treble and Tenor


How one person rings three bells

The Bells


The bells were examined by an expert, Mr RW Clouston, in November 1977 and the following details are taken from his report.



The Treble Bell

No inscription or date. Probably cast in the first half of the 15th century;therefore now over 500 years old
24 3/4 inches (62.865cm)
Approx weight:
3 1/4 cwt (165.11kg)
F - 0.11 semitones
The No. 2 Bell
Inscribed: "Chandler made me in 1705"
George Chandler, Drayton Parslow. (between Winslow and Bletchley)
27 7/16 inches (69.70cm)
Approx weight:
4 1/2 cwt (228.61kg)
D# + 0.07 semitones
The Tenor Bell
Inscribed: "Christina & Griselda 1947"
Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel
30 1/16 inches (76.36cm)
Approx weight:
5 1/4cwt (266.72kg)
C# - 0.06 semitones
This bell was presnted by Col. Hanbury Sparrow in memory of two children
killed by bombs during the 1939-1945 war. The grave of the younger child is in the east side of the churchyard: the elder died in Dresden
Disused Tenor Bell
Inscribed: "Sancta Andrea Ora Pro Nobis"
Kebyll of London
1460 - 1480, therefore now over 500 years old.

The tone of this bell is poor but it does not appear to be cracked.Now in the Amersham Museum having stood in the Church porch for a number of years


There were three bells here in 1714. The present tower was rebuilt in 1885. All the bells were re-hung in 1947.

The notes of the bells are the first three notes of "Three Blind Mice"

This is a copy of a hand written paper, dated 1979, prepared by Mr Ronald Collis, who for many years was in charge of bell ringing.

(Metric measurements added by Jeff Holden, Bell Ringer 2008)


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