Vestry Meeting 1878


May 3rd 1878

Chesham Bois, May 3rd 1878


A vestry was held at the above date in Chesham Bois Church, pursuant to legal notice for the purpose of electing churchwardens and of bringing into consideration the proposed restoration and enlargement of the said church.




Rev. Jos. Matthews Chairman
Mr. G. Weller & Mr H Glenister outgoing churchwardens.
Mr H Scott & Mr John Bish.


The churchwardens' accounts were examined & passed.

Mr Glenister was re-elected by the Rector and Mr G. Weller was re-elected for the Parish to serve the office of churchwarden for the ensuing year.

There was a difference of opinion pertaining the restoration & enlargement of the church, some of those present thinking that the fabric needed only to be put into thorough repair, without alteration or addition; and others that it would be well, now that the Duke of Bedford has offered £400 towards the restoration of the church, to seize the opportunity of making such alterations and additions as would render the building more convenient for the worshippers especially in view of the rapidly increasing population.


It was considered that the absence of the great majority of the ratepayers from the meeting, after having been made acquainted with the purpose of it indicated that they were not opposed to the object if they did not altogether approve of it. And on this ground those present abstained from making a vote.


The newly elected Churchwardens agreed to act on the understanding that they would not be held responsible for expenses that might be incurred, nor required to sign any building contract, until the amount contracted for was obtained or promised.


Jos. Matthews, Rector



Chesham Bois Houses Inhabitants
1806 24 135
Census 1821 33 155
Census 1841 42 218
Census 1871 65 258
1878 80 320 (about)


Church at present has accommodation for about 70 on ground floor, and 50 or 60 in the gallery.