Faculty 1878


April 27th 1878

Bois Rectory
April 27th 1878


My Lord Bishop


It is found that we must rebuild the tower of the church from the foundations, the present one being unsafe. It will be advisable to build a north aisle, and remove a very obnoxious gallery. For this purpose three or four graves and headstones of ancient date (that is I say, about 100 years old) will have to be disturbed.


It is proposed to re-seat the church & build a new vestry.


It will therefore be necessary to have a faculty, & I shall be much obliged to your Lordship if you will direct me how to proceed in obtaining one, or say whether it is enough for you to give your chancellor the commission to prepare one for me.


I am, my Lord Bishop, your obedient humble servant


Jos. Matthews


April 29 1878

April 29 1878

My dear Mr. Davenport


I shall be much obliged if you will give Mr Matthews an answer to his question about a faculty.


I shall be much obliged if you can give me tomorrow when I am in Oxford, a rough list of the Candidates for Ordination on Trinity Sunday


Yours sincerely


J.F. Oxon